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Contact Journal is an intelligent personal CRM on your phone that helps you stay in touch with family, clients, co-workers and friends.

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Loved by teams, professionals and individuals

“I've been looking for an app like this forever! It is fantastic!”

- Rogy

“I really like your app and it appears to be the only one of its kind I can find”

- Han

“I really love your app :D”

- Florian

“I’m very satisfied, keep up the good work.”


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Contact Journal helps you to reach out, stay in touch, and remember your conversations

With Contact Journal you know who to reach out to, and when. And you won't forget what you talked about last time.

Focus on your content and relive your best conversations

You can count on Contact Journal to keep track of your moments. Enhance it with pictures, audio notes or handy reminders.

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Struggling to reach out and stay in touch?

Contact Journal lets you know the best time to reach out and it helps you compose your message with suggestions.

Save time and coordinate across multiple devices, seamlessly

Reaching out during your morning commute, or on the iPad after dinner?

Contact Journal understands your preference and seamlessly syncs your data across your devices.

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Screenshot of Contact Journal's Details screen

Collaborate with your SO, family members or colleagues

Did your SO reach out to your brother already? Did Mike from HR already contact your client?

Collaborate with shared contacts so you don't reach out twice, and everybody stays up to date.


Yes! The basic version of Contact Journal is free to use. Premium members will have access to extra features.

All the data you add to Contact Journal belongs to you. We do not have any rights on it. With sync enabled, your data is synced with Apple iCloud.

No, Contact Journal is not a social network. You can't communincate with people via Contact Journal. All moments, details and events you store on Contact Journal are for your eyes only.

We're always happy to help. Please contact use by email: [email protected]

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