Social contact journal joins startup school by Y combinator

22 July 2019

Social Contact Journal is a personal CRM to help you stay in touch. This summer it was selected in the startup school program from Y combinator. The program aims to encourage and inspire startups to positively impact the world. In addition, it helps Social Contact Journal with talks, mentorship and community to become a more user-oriented startup.

“We are very excited about many of the companies that are participating in Startup School; the quality of companies has been extremely impressive and makes us confident that there are more founders starting more companies throughout the world.” – Y Combinator Startup school

“Joining startup school is incredibly helpful as it inspires us to make a better product for our users. We are passionate to help people to better reach out, stay in touch, and remember their conversations. Since startup school, we’re talking more with our users to help them achieve their goals and to improve our service.“ – Social Contact Journal

About Startup School by Y combinator

Startup School is a 10-week program to support and inspire the next generation of startups.
Y Combinator provides seed funding for startups:

Social Contact Journal

Social Contact Journal is a personal CRM to help you stay in touch. To learn more visit: